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Bi Women of All Colors: Central Park PicnicRelax in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon with a chill group of bisexual, fluid, pansexual, lesbian & otherwise bi-friendly women. Bring food, drinks, musical instruments, poems, sunblock, beach blanket. Our previous picnics were a blast, let's do it again!

Directions from East Side: (Map) Take 6 train to 68 St. Enter park at 72nd St & 5th Ave, make a R, walk left around the sailboat pond (official name: Conservatory Water), til you get to the Hans Christian Anderson statue. Call 917-583-1797 from the statue and we will come to get you. Or take path on either side of statue west towards Boathouse Café. Instead of crossing road to cafe, turn R, walk N along road till you see us in the grass under shade trees on right.

Admission Is Free but donations are always welcome. Just bring or buy your own food or food to share (plan for 12-20 women). Picnic food & drinks can be purchased from Boathouse Express Cafe (Menu)

Date & Time: Sunday July 12th 2009 at 3 PM
Raindate: Sunday July 19th 2009
Bi Women of All Colors is a social and discussion group for Bisexual, Fluid, Pansexual Bi-Queer, Bi-Curious, Transgender-Bi, Bi-friendly, Lesbian, SGL (Same-Gender-Loving) Heteroflexible and Questioning women from ALL Cultures and Diversities.

We organize brunches and dinners in Manhattan and the occasional picnic in the park. We provide a non-judgmental safe space for women to exchange, share, eat and discuss interesting, exciting, as well as thought-provoking topics that will keep you in the know, on the go, and just so intrigued.

So with that, join us, and have yourself a good time. "You'll be glad that you did"

Last year was a blast, so we're doing it again!

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