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woc's Journal

Women of Color
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This is a community for women and trans people of color to discuss political issues (feminism, anti-racism etc.), personal issues - not that they can otherwise be seperated (the personal is political indeed!), and anything under the sun that you want to bring up! There is no "off topic" so feel free to share whatever is on your mind. Give your critique on something pop-cultural, talk about an event that people should know about, post pictures of your adorable new kittens, ask for advice on a relationship, share a triumph or a sadness or a recipe or whatever! This community is here to be a place where women of color can recognize each other with good energy and conversation.


1. Membership is moderated. If you'd like to be a member, join, and a mod will approve you as long as you're not a total troll. Membership is open to people of all identities (meaning you don't have to be a woman or trans person of color to join), but please be respectful as an ally if you are here as one, and also be aware that this is not an "educational" place for allies ie we expect you to know how to act. Also, WE LIKE INTROS! Tell us who you are, where you're located, what kinds of things you're up to, or whatever you wanna share so we have a little of an idea of what everyone is about.

2. Please invite people to join by linking the community in other relevant communities. We are just becoming re-active for 2008 and would like new members!

2. Linking to the community is fine (and encouraged, as #2 says), but do not link posts within this community to anywhere outside of it.

3. Please use an lj-cut whenever you post something extremely large or not work-safe.

4. All posts from now on are set to be friends-only and should remain that way.

"It is [imperative] that we define ourselves for who we are, for if we do not, we will be defined by others for their use and to our detriment."
-- Audre Lorde